Sunday, July 18, 2010

Discover Rawa

Located just 16km from Mersing Johor, approximately 30 minutes boat ride from Mersing, lies Rawa Island, a gem of tranquillity offering an unspoiled white sand beach and crystal clear waters with a thriving coral reef.

"Rawa" is the local term for white doves, which are abundant in the island.

If you find joy in planning trips, Rawa probably is not for you. It is an experience of simple island life, waking up to the sound of waves, soft sandy beach and that blue sea right at your door.

There are two resorts on the island, side by side, but the type of accommodation and the cost of staying varies greatly. If you are a group of friends or a couple looking for a place to have some fun and explore nature, go for a basic package at Alang Rawa.

Families with kids are advised to stay next door at the Rawa Island Safaris Resort, that has a range of activities and facilities catered for a fuss-free family holiday.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to get to Island Rawa?

The only way to get to Rawa Island is by boat, normally from Mersing. From Mersing, Rawa island is a 30 mins speed boat ride or a 1 hour ferry ride. During the peak season (April-October) there are lot of ferries and speed boats moving between Mersing and Rawa, but during the off season there will be just 1 or 2 rides per day. So better check the ferry time in advance and plan the trip accordingly. Ferries and overnight stays can be booked with the resort office on Jalan Abu Bakar in Mersing, or booked in advance.

It may also be possible to come here on the way back from another island, such as Tioman.

If you enter Mersing by motor cycle you may have some luggage and equipment that you do not want to leave in your bike. Rawa resort office, where you buy your boat tickets, is close to the jetty from where boats take you to Rawa. You can leave part of your luggage, helmets and jackets in the office.

When booking your stay you can also book the taxi drive from the major cities nearby (KL, Singapore). The taxi from Singapore should cost SGD 130.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

View from Jetty

View from the beautiful Rawa Island, Malaysia.